Are They Born or Made?

Amway conducted its Global Entrepreneurship Survey for the fifth consecutive year and has published its results. This year the focus was on entrepreneurship education.

This extensive survey in 2014 covered 44,000 women and men in 38 countries, representing target groups of those countries’ populations. In 37 of the 38 participating countries, people say entrepreneurship can be taught and learned.

Some of the key findings from the survey are:

* The attitude toward entrepreneurship is generally positive worldwide.

* Most say ‘independence’ and ‘self-fulfilment’ are the most important motives for becoming self-employed.

* While a vast majority think entrepreneurship can be taught, less than half of the respondents think that the existing education opportunities are sufficient.

* Overall, the report portrays a positive picture about the situation of entrepreneurship.

Starting from the very last finding, 75% of the respondents indicate having a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship. This is already important in itself, but more importantly this figure is four points higher than what it was in 2013. Moreover, those who can imagine starting a business is 42%, again, two points up from previous year.

The most positive attitude towards entrepreneurship is found in Sweden, Mexico, Norway, Brazil, Finland, and Denmark.

Interestingly, the majority do not put any income-related motives on top of the list, when asked about the aspects that appealed to them to start up their own businesses. This is especially very clear those who are below the age of 35. They say ‘self-fulfilment” and ‘being own boss’ are way more important.

For the question of ‘born or made’, globally 63% of the 44,000 respondents think entrepreneurship can be taught. This is the highest in China, Mexico, Norway, Germany, Finland, India, and Romania, each society being very different from each other.

When it comes to drawing any conclusions, I tend to think that we should not interpret all these findings as being fully relevant to direct selling. This is just because, the respondents may not always be visualizing ‘direct selling’ when faced with questions on ‘entrepreneurship’. But this does not undervalue this survey and I believe there are a lot of takeaways especially in the area of marketing communications.

Amway has been doing a great job by conducting this survey and maybe more importantly, by sharing the findings with the public.

Please click here if you wish to download Amway Global Entrepreneurship Report 2014 for free.

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