Five Easy Ways to Lose Your Field Organization

Managements at direct selling companies are no exceptions when it comes to making mistakes. Some of these are minor in nature so they might not hurt the whole operation much. However, some others can make real damages. Below are five areas where if mistakes are made, the consequences on the sales organization might be severe:

Default in Commissions Payments

For many people, the opportunity provided by the company is a means of making a living. And for even a larger group, it represents at least a pocket money. You don’t want to pay them at a date later than you promised or miscalculate their commissions.


Individual field members have to promote and sell products to earn money. In this process, direct sellers also have to provide customers with the exact items in the exact amounts that they ordered.

Poor Distributor/Consultant Services

Representatives on the field need company’s support in a variety of fields while conducting their businesses. It is imperative to provide this support at the highest quality and as fast as possible.

Negligence in Communications

So, you have launched a new product or a promotion or have made a change in your policies. If each and every individual on the field are not made aware of it on time, how would they react to it the way you expected?

Lack of Motivational Efforts

Direct sellers work 24 hours a day and seven days a week, all alone! Just close your eyes for a few minutes and try to visualize their daily challenges yourself.

And you think these are all no-brainers and no company in the industry would make such mistakes? Well, I can say you’re totally wrong!

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